Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i always wanted a twin sister...

1.5 going on 24.
our joint obsessions:
1. shoes-- homegirl will wake in hysterics if her shoes have been removed during a nap and requires they be placed in her bed with her at all times.
2. john cena-- we can't explain it. we don't try.
3. judgement eyes-- no one has truly lived until they've gotten lissy's dirty looks.
4. lemonade-- we will drink it whenever, wherever.
5. fear of things in costume-- need i say more?
6. bff's with Rachel A.-- we know where our homies are at.


  1. BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. You don't try. I forgot about her love for John Cena.

  2. i didn't notice before but she is wearing my necklace.