Wednesday, May 30, 2012

unbelievably excited.

so tyler's 6 month countdown begins in June. to celebrate, i made a list of things to look forward to in the meantime. there are two things (several, actually, but two in particular) that i'm ECSTATIC about:
1. Les Mis the movie [Dec. 2012] coming out with Hugh Jackman who is my all time FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! (i've been told that it's slightly unhealthy, but i'm a lover, not a fighter).

(isn't anne's (cleaned up) hair to DIE for?! what can i say, i'm a sucker for short hair!)

2. Blackbird Sister Mystery book #8 [August 2012]. Major guilty pleasure but i LOVE this series. i've blogged about it before. but "no way to kill a lady" comes out in august and i've already paid for my copy to arrive on the very date!!!! i CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

at any rate, anyone who thinks that i sit around moping is far from correct.... i simply make lists of things to be excited about until the big excitement happen. one could say i've been throwing an excitement party for the past year and a half.