Monday, February 18, 2013

The past eight (or so) months in a nutshell...

so i've been avoiding my blog lately... it's not that i don't have anything to post, i just have kind of felt more private than usual... i don't know why. but for posterity's sake, here is the past eight months in a list, in no particular order:
-went to jamaica with Wes... it was his graduation gift from Rachel and I. it was SOOOO gorgeous and wes and i had a GREAT time. most beautiful beaches and the NICEST people... we miss it!!!
-was a brides maid for Rachel H. and Joanna B.... two long-time friends, so thrilled to see them hitched! both were seriously GORGEOUS weddings... and gorgeous brides!!!
-went to one of my bestie's weddings up in Victor, ID... SO BEAUTIFUL!!! i now LOVE the idea of destination weddings. i am so thrilled at Nate's choice... his wife is one of my FAVES.
-watched my baby brother graduate-- AND SOBBED!!!!! i've never felt SO PROUD of someone!!
-moved to san diego. I. LOVE. IT. HERE. i miss(ed) my people, being an hour away, but my very loyal friends have made valiant efforts to visit me often and not forget about me. i thought i would miss home more, but after the initial shock of being in a new place wore off (and my brother Spencer moved in with me to keep me company), i fell in love. i moved because i
-started big girl school, finally!!!! i'm now officially in my second semester at University of San Diego--GO TOREROS!!! i am seriously LOVING my school. i'm considered a "second-year junior" which basically means i'm taking 3 semesters to do my senior year, which why don't they just call me a 0.5 senior? who knows.
-got accepted into an archaeological field school in ISRAEL!!! could not be more ECSTATIC to be going to Israel this summer. I'll be doing a dig just north of the sea of galilee. lots of people have teased me about being an anthropology major (so what can you actually DO with that degree?) but now they are jealous that my study abroad opportunity is going to blow theirs outta the water!!! (DISCLAIMER: the location we are going is very safe and i will be very safe, don't stress.)
-went wake boarding and wake surfing and GOT UP!!!
-found out (albeit via facebook) that my Sister-In-Law is PREGGO!!!! cannot WAIT to welcome another nephew into this world... being an aunt is my all-time favorite job EVA!
-moved one brother out and the other brother in. i didn't realize i'd love living with family so much!!!
-got a chameleon. the guy is seriously adorable. his name is Neil Diamond.
-started 2 new jobs: i worked front desk/night audit at the Kona Kai Resort (my sister's other hotel... thanks, Rach!) and i now work for Farmers Insurance. I love the people i work with so it's not a bad situation at all!!

 nate's wedding

 wake surfing!!!!!!!!
 claire and i gearing up for a dodger game...
 view of san diego from the kona kai
 the WHOLE fam after many years spread all over.
 me and fliss at the beach
 Joanna's wedding^

 Rachel's Wedding^
 me in the snow WHILE it was snowing... first time ever!
 Neil diamond.

welp, there you have it! some highlights from 2012.